Coach Leadership and Safety Support (CLASS) Certification Program

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The CLASS Certification program has been designed specifically for coaches participating in the affiliated leagues of the USA Clay Target League. The League’s CLASS Certification provides a comprehensive and interactive online education and training program designed specifically for League coaches. The CLASS Certification is available to all coaches and takes 5-6 hours of online training to complete.

  • One head coach for each team may complete the CLASS Certification for free. A single-use promotional code was sent to head coaches of existing teams and will be sent when each new team is added to the League.
  • Assistant coaches or volunteers may complete the CLASS Certification for $50 each.
  • Only CLASS-Certified coaches may conduct the SAFE Range Certification program for student athletes to complete the SAFE Certification.
  • All coaches registered with the League receive General Liability Insurance.
  • All coaches that complete the CLASS Certification receive an official iron-on certificate patch from the USA Clay Target League.

Benefits of the CLASS Certification

Many benefits include:

  • Free – for one Head Coach per team.
  • Affordable – other coaches can take the course for less than most shotgun coach training programs.
  • Accessible – available online to everyone with tablet, smartphone or computer.
  • Comprehensive – the online course takes 5-6 hours to complete and no travel required.
  • Fun – animated graphics, sound, and interactive learning make it entertaining.
  • Convenient – progress can be saved at anytime to work around busy schedules.
  • Relevant – it’s all about clay target shooting sports, youth, and firearm safety.
  • Consistent – CLASS-Certified coaches and SAFE-Certified student athletes learn the same content.
  • Support – dedicated Coach Education and Support Manager available to assist with all questions.


CLASS Content

The CLASS Program provides three critical areas of coach training: Leadership, Range Safety Officer, and Student Athlete Firearm Education.

Coach Leadership And Safety Support (CLASS) Certification Introduction

Lesson 1: Acquire Coaches and Volunteers
Lesson 2: Team Technology
Lesson 3: Recruit Student Athletes
Lesson 4: Partnering with a Shooting Range
Lesson 5: Resources for Ammunition
Lesson 6: Implement a Safety Plan
Lesson 7: Develop Team Communications
Lesson 8: Teaching the Skills of the Sport
Lesson 9: Recognize Achievements

Range Safety Officer (RSO) Introduction

RSO Lesson 1: General Range Safety
RSO Lesson 2: Education and Communication
RSO Lesson 3: Safety behind the Firing Line
RSO Lesson 4: Safety on the Firing Line
RSO Lesson 5: In Case of an Emergency

Student Athlete Firearm Education (SAFE) Certification Introduction

Lesson 1: League Overview
Lesson 2: Policies and Procedures
Lesson 3: Schools and Shooting Sports
Lesson 4: Know Your Firearms
Lesson 5: Know Your Ammunition
Lesson 6: Know your Gear and Accessories
Lesson 7: Firearm Safety Procedures
Lesson 8: Firearm Cleaning
Lesson 9: Transporting and Storage of Firearms and Ammunition
Lesson 10: Know Your Shooting Range
Lesson 11: Team Personnel
Lesson 12: Shooting Fundamentals
Lesson 13: Trap Shooting Fundamentals
Lesson 14: Skeet Shooting Fundamentals
Lesson 15: League Scoring
Lesson 16: Conferences
Lesson 17: Respect and Responsibility